cemil can ali marandi about me

Cemil Can was born in Ankara at 1998. He studied primary, secondary and high school at PEISG an International School at Ankara. He has an intermediate French knowledge.   

He became a Grand Master when he was 19 years old and his current Fide Rating is 2561 (July 2022). He has a unique achievement of winning the European Youth Championships for five times in each and every category. Additionally, he has represented Turkey in the 2012 Istanbul Chess Olympiad. He has graduated from Saint Louis University in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Additionally, completed his masters in Artificial Intelligence at the same university. He is an active Turkish National Chess Team player as well as a member of the SLU Chess Team since September 2016.

Chess is Cemil Can’s life style. Even in one of his interviews he says: ‘’I liken chess to life, just like in life, you can find everything in life in a chess match. When you make your strategies and goals properly, you will be the winner, but when you make tactical mistakes, you will be the loser. Sometimes you have to take risks, all of these are facts that are both in life and chess.’’

As well as pursuing academic degrees, Cemil Can plays basketball, cricket, squash and swim. He played piano for five years. His latest hobby is to perform online educational chess streams for chess lovers to assist them to improve chess knowledge, tactics and strategy at many platforms. Cemil Can is an active social media user. The detailed information is given at his Biography timeline.


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